If it takes a village, think of us like the best pub in town.



Cool person that had a kid, we see you. This is a place to save your soul (and sanity) and join a tiny musical revolt. 


Welcome to pirate radio for parents. The counter-culture lullaby underground. A new kind of soul music, filled with authenticity. Melody. Message. Good vibes. Hooks. Fun. Beauty. Great beats. Artists and songs that deserve to be known for generations to come. 


And no Elsa, EVER.


A sonic wonderland sending 100% bona fide great tunes to all corners of your universe for better sounding mornings. Better soundtracks for road trips. A world where you don't have to race like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to turn off your playlist because the next song in your computer generated station ain't so kid-friendly. 





It's for people with kids. Mostly parents, but also other concerned citizens that can't take the pain of watching their loved ones wither into Disney desperation. 





Join HERE.


If you're not a member, you're only getting a small part of the magic. Membership also makes a rockin' gift for a new mum or dad. 


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If you use terms like DD and DH, we're probably not for you. There are many, MANY, kid music stations out there for you. 


No swearing here beyond the odd damn and hell. No overt themes of illegal drugs, sex, misogyny, racism, violence, bigotry, death...basically swerving topics you don't want to get into before the coffee kicks in. Some joints and highs....we realllly want to play as much hip hop and 70s jams as possible and these words have other definitions well suited for parental explainering if required. Is this subjective? Absolutely. Real human curation at play. And guess what - We're gonna f up occasionally. Sorry in advance. Don't get mad. Get in touch and help a cat out! Remember that whole village thing? 


Our son entered this world to Elton John’s Rocket Man. If ANYTHING about this song or artist turns you off, don’t listen. And don't listen and then complain because we’re definitely not your jam. We believe the real sin is letting your soul shrivel to the sound of plinky plonky music. 


This isn't about censorship. We're not puritans. We're most certainly not Tipper Gore, either (Google it). 


It's about celebrating art. 


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time - ​Thomas Merton





We're your Fairy God DJs.


Anglo-American audiophiles.


Vinyl vigilantes and fighters of the good fight. 


Our origin story:



A record collection that has travelled 10,000 miles. 

Music supervisor and music psychologist.

Primary school teacher and sound engineer.

Met at an Andrew Bird concert.

Romanced to Sam Cooke. 

Rocked and raved everywhere from La Route du Rock to Royal Albert Hall. 

Heavily pregnant at Run The Jewels and Radiohead.

Baby born to Rocket Man.

Believers in music to get us through this thing called life. 





Hearing is the first sense to develop in utero and the last sense to fade when we die. 


The world today is noisy. 


Kids music is fast food. 


Pop is dessert. We're all gonna eat some, just not here. Tap that the other hours in the day.


Before you reach for the locally-sourced organic hemp milk, think about the crap you're consuming with your ears.  Filter out the junk. Care where your music comes from. Change how we and our tiny humans listen. That whole happy mummy/daddy, happy baby mantra definitely applies - this is music for YOU, with a kid filter applied. Don't make us use a Venn diagram, and don't underestimate the importance of keeping it real (musically speaking). 


We can't keep expecting people to care about things they don't know, especially things they can't see. Let's teach our future generations about artists, where they come from, their circles of influence...and have a bit of a boogie along the way. 


It's time to level up life after birth. Because it's fragile and short. So let's give it a good soundtrack. 







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