Hearing is the first sense to develop in utero and the last sense to fade when we die. 


The world today is noisy. 


Kids music is fast food. 


Pop is dessert. We're all gonna eat some, just not here. Tap that the other hours in the day.


Before you reach for the locally-sourced organic hemp milk, think about the crap you're consuming with your ears.  Filter out the junk. Care where your music comes from. Change how we and our tiny humans listen. That whole happy mummy/daddy, happy baby mantra definitely applies - this is music for YOU, with a kid filter applied. Don't make us use a Venn diagram, and don't underestimate the importance of keeping it real (musically speaking). 


We can't keep expecting people to care about things they don't know, especially things they can't see. Let's teach our future generations about artists, where they come from, their circles of influence...and have a bit of a boogie along the way. 


It's time to level up life after birth. Because it's fragile and short. So let's give it a good soundtrack. 




Lady Bip + Mr. Bop